• The Glass Bead Game applet is 'clickable'. To move a bead, click it and it will immediately move to its appointed pit. It will be marked and the corresponding move will appear in the "your Move" field.
  • Gems have the values displayed below.
    initial position
    There are 30 points worth of gems in the game.
  • Direct capture is automatic.
  • Indirect capture must be specified e.g.: 'e250 x B5' (assuming pit C, where the '0' goes, contained one black bead before the move).
    Multiple indirect capture goes like 'e0000 x D55 E4 3': two purples from the D-pit, one red from pit E, and a blue one from the opponent's cup (implying that the opponent had only 3 gems in his pits).
  • If, on your turn, you face five empty pits and your opponent has gathered at least 15 points, or you are otherwise in a lost position, then please choose 'Resign' from the command menu as your 'move' to acknowledge the loss and officially end the game.
  • To clear, click on the 'go to end' button bottom-right [>>>|]. Now you can start over.
  • With the command menu you can undo your last move, end a game by accepting a loss, or negotiate a draw.
    The extended 'undo' function allows you to take back any number of moves, provided the opponent cooperates by taking back his.
    If you find yourself in a lost position, please choose 'Resign' from the command menu to acknowledge and officially end the game.
  • To move, enter your password and click "Submit move".