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Grand Chess HexDame
Grand Chess Board deLuxe US$ 39 HexDame Board deLuxe US$ 39
Grand Chess Pieces Set
(in solid wooden box)
US$ 49 HexDame Pieces Set
(in solid wooden box)
US$ 19
Prices are excluding shipping and handling

These are single unit prices. If you're interested in acquiring a couple of boards and/or sets, we can give a discount on the product: 5% for an order over US$250, 10% if it exceeds US$500.
Please for an exact price quotation on your order.

Shipping and handling
Cost of s&h depends on the way you pay.
When using the services of Kagi, which allows using a credit card or cash, the cost is a flat US$ 30 for each unit shipped (except for the HexDame pieces, whose s&h cost is US$ 25 for each set).
When paying directly to MindSports by check or transfer to our bank account, we charge a base fee of US$12 plus US$18 for each unit shipped by standard postal mail.

How to order using the services of Kagi
When using a credit card you can place your order on-line. However, ordering on-line does not allow for discounts.
Or you can download the Purchase (aka Register) program, with which you complete the order. It is easy to use, mostly self-explanatory and allows ordering any (or all ;-)) of the four products mentioned above. Payment methods range from credit card to cash, this way.
The Purchase program comes in two flavors: one for Macintosh and one for Windows 3.1 or higher. Please click on the appropriate link to download:

International check or wire transfer
These are the preferred methods for custom orders: it allows catering your special wishes as well as a significant lower s&h cost for larger orders.
To order, please send an (or paper mail to the postal address mentioned below) with an exact specification of the product you wish to order, your address to ship the goods to and the way you plan to pay. In reply we'll send you a price quotation for your order.

If you decide to order, transfer the full quoted amount to our bank

    account no.
    of ABN-AMRO, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
    ( SWIFT code of the bank: ABNANL2A )
I'd think this is the quickest way.

Alternatively, you can make out an international check (just to be clear: it must be a check, not a money order) of the full quoted amount to:

    E.P.M. van Zon, MindSports
Send the check to this postal address:
    P.O. Box 266
    6700 AG Wageningen
    The Netherlands

After we have received your payment we will ship the ordered goods by standard postal mail, asap. Nevertheless, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery at your address.

Quicker transport methods are possible for custom orders (not through Kagi), but be advised s&h cost will skyrocket for any special delivery method. Please indicate when you want to use this.