chess+ positionInitial position
White pawns on the second row, black pawns on the seventh. Pieces 'in hand' beside the board.

Entering and moving
'Entering a piece' means placing a 'piece in hand' on a vacant square behind a pawn on the second row, with the option of moving that pawn one or two squares straight forwards in the same turn, or to capture with it.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, the rules of Chess apply.
  • The material is the same as in Chess.
  • If a player's own king is not yet on the board, a player on his turn must enter a piece.
  • If a player's own king is on the board a player on his turn must enter a piece OR make a regular move with any piece or pawn.
  • Players must enter their king before or on the eighth turn. A king may not be entered 'in check'.
    A player unable to enter his king if required, loses the game.
  • There is no castling.
  • Bishops may be entered on the same sub-grid.
  • En passant is as in Chess.