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Endgame 1
1h1g21.h12?-f5g4, 2.h23-g4f3, 3.h3g4 (or h34)-f3g2 and now 4.a12 doesn't work because black promotes on g1 (or h1 if white is on h4) and captures the white man.
2g3f32.g2h3?-g4f3 3.h3g4 (or h34)-f3g2 with the same result as on 1.h12.
3f3e4Now the white man is out of reach.
h3g23...h32? 4.ah1+
4a12Generally speaking the white man must have cleared the f-g-h-files by the time the black man reaches g2. (The) one exeption is shown in the next problem.