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Endgame 6 (author Leo Spinger)
1fa1   Alternatively:
2.a18x-ha1 (2...g2f1?, 3.g6f7+ and 2...g21?, 3.g78+)
3.g68-ad lib
4.g7h8-ad lib
and white has reached a 3-king's formation in which no two black kings can be placed without an exchange on white's next move. This shows that a 3x2 king's endgame is won!

Therefore, and finally:
1...a7b6 fails on 2.a1b2!! ( 2...b6a5 or b6c5, 3.bh2!), h3g2 (2...h32??, 3.b28x-h2g1?, 4.g78+)
and white converts to a 3x2 king's endgame.