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Springer - Reichenbach (Amsterdam 1937, 2-0)

Traditional Diagonal
132-2818-23 1e45de6
233-2923x32 2f56e64x
337x2819-24 3e35xef7
439-3314-19 4gf5e87
541-3720-25 5e23fg8
629x2025x14 6f68xge8x
737-3212-18 7e34cd6
834-297-12 8gf6bc6
946-4114-20 9e12ef8
1044-3920-24 10hg5f87
1129x2015x24 11f68xf97x
1239-3410-15 12g56ef9
1350-4418-23 13ih5de6
1444-3912-18 14hg5cd6
1541-3717-21 15e23c54
1628-2218x22 16ed5d64x
1731x2211-17 17d35xbc5
1822x1116x7 18db5xb46x
1934-2923x34 19gf6eg6x
2040x2015x24 20h6f8xf97x
2139-345-10 21g56e09
2234-2910-14 22gf6e98
2329x2014x25 23f68xeg8x
2433-297-12 24f56bc6
2538-331-7 25f45ab6
2632-289-14 26e45de8
2737-324-10 27e34de9
2842-3821-26 28f34c43
2943-3912-18 29g45cd6
3029-2419x30 30f67eg7x
3135x2418-22!? 31hf7xd65!? Black doesn't play e87 right away because white can parry with h45 and e56. Instead he calculates that he can catch the self inflicted outpost on c5 with bc6, and the now undefendable man on f7 with e87, effectively winning a man. But white turns the man on c5 to his advantage.
3223x1714-19 32ec5xe87
3345-4019x30 33ih6eg7x
3447-4210-14 34f23e98
3542-3730-35 35fe3gh7
3649-4414-19 36h45e87 Note that bc6 is prevented by cb5 and ed3.
3740-3419-24 37hg6ef7
3836-3113-18 38d23d76
3932-2718-23 39ed4de6
4027-2224-30 40d45fg7
4138-327-11 41fe4b65
4248-438-12 42g34c76
4317x83x12 43c57xc86x
4443-3823-29 44gf4ef6
4533x24 45f57x Not ge6x because after g76 black breaks through
30x19 ge7x
4632-282-8 46e45bc7
4738-338-13 47f45cd7
4834-2919-24 48gf6ef7
4929x2025x14 49f68xge8x
5039-3411-16 50g56b54
5131-2713-19 51d34de7
5233-2914-20 52f56ef8
5344-3912-17 53hg5c65
5422x1116x7 54db5xb46x
5528-226-11 55ed5ab5
5622-1811-17 56d56bc5
5729-2319x28 57fe6e75x White sacrifices a man to break through.
5818-137-12 58d67bc6
5913-920-24 59d78f87
609-4 60d89King
24-30 fg7
6134x2535-40 61g68xh76 Springer now wins in a beautifully played endgame
6227-2228-32 62d45e54
6337x2826-31 63e35xcd3
6422x1131-36 64db5xd32
6539-3440x29 65g56hf6x
6611-612-17 66ba5c65 On de2 follows e56, and on fg6 follows a56 king
676-1 67a56King
36-41 de2
681x4541-47 68ai6xef2 King
6925-2047x15 69gf8f29x
7045-2915x22 70if6f9d5x
714x27 71d94x Black resigns