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M. Podolski - A. Domcev (Netherlands 2007, 2-0)

Traditional Diagonal
132-2818-22 1e45d65
234-2912-18 2gf6cd6
340-347-12 3hg6bc6
445-401-7 4ih6ab6
537-3219-23 5e34e76
628x1914x23 6e57xe86x
732-2823x32 7e45e64x
838x2713-19 8fd4xde7
942-3818-23 9f34de6
1027x1819-24 10d46xef7
1135-3024x35 11hg7fh7x
1238-3210-14 12fe4e98Up to this stage the game appears to be between two Indian draughts players, but this is actually a variant Podolski did prepare, and to his advantage too.
1347-4214-19 13f23e87
1433-2820-25 14fe5fg8Isn't it a pretty picture!
1529-2419x30 15f67eg7x
1618x295-10 16df6xe09
1741-3710-14 17e23e98
1843-389-13 18gf4d87
1938-3317-21 19f45c54
2031-264-9 20dc3d98
2126x1711x22 21c35xbd5x
2228x1712x21 22ec5xc64x
2349-438-12 23hg4c76
2443-383-8 24gf4c87
2536-3113-18 25d23d76
2631-279-13 26d34d87
2746-417-11 27e12b65
2841-3611-17 28ed2bc5
2933-2814-20 29fe5ef8White's next move may well be considered the most beautiful of the entire tournament!
3036-31!21-26 30d23!c43Otherwise dc3 (31-26) is all but decisive.
3139-33!30x39 31gf5!g75x
3229-2318x29 32fe6df6x
3333x2420x29 33f57xf86x
3444x2435x44 34h5f7xh75x
3550x39 35ig5x Here's the pointe of 30. d23 (36-31): de7 (13-19) has simply been prevented.
17-21 c54
3628-236-11 36e56ab5
3738-3311-17 37e67bc5
3842-3813-18 38f34d76
3924-1918x29 39fe7df6x
4033x2412-18 40f57xcd6
4139-3317-22 41gf5cd5
4233-2922-28 42f56de5
4332x3 43e4c8x King
21x41 c4e2x
4431-2741-46 44d34e21King
4519-1346-10 45ed7e19
4638-3210x46 46fe4e91x
4729-2346x35 47fe6e1h7x
4848-4235x8 48gf3hc7x
493x1225-30 49c86xg87
5012-4516-21 50ci6bc4
5127x16 51db4xBlack resigns.