Pit of Pillars is a less arbitrary and more serious implementation of a method of movement and capture that first saw the light in a game I devised called Tinkertown Cemetery. A few weeks later, while revisiting the line of thought initiated by the "activator game" design contest, I stumbled on a logical, almost implicit extension of the principle of that game. So implicit actually that it rendered the parent game redundant, so I ditched it.

Pit of Pillars turned out to be a good game with a delicate balance between strategy and tactics. Its rather casually phrased object - you win by leaving the opponent without any stacks on the board - actually provides a unique strategic dilemma. You will encounter positions in which you may have reserves and you can capture even more. But a capture never increase your precence on the board, and often reduces it. In a lot of these positions you cannot afford to capture because it would mean losing the game in the short term. In a lot of others you don't run that risk. The problem is in the lot of them where you cannot quite figure out which category they belong to.

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