MindSports Freeware

Here you can download freeware brought to you by MindSports. A link will bring you to a Read Me detailing the subject, and the link to actually download it.

Games featured in the Arena
Name Platform Comment
Chess Java The world's most popular variant ((includes Chess960)
Draughts Java Also called 10x10 draws
Go Java The quintessential territory game
Grand Chess Java Chess with the complete set of pieces
Dragonfly Java Blending western Chess with Shogi
Dameo Java "Like exploring a new continent!"
Hexdame Java Draughts' hexagonal twin
Bushka Java Compares to Draughts as karate to judo
Emergo Java The quintessential columns game
Havannah Java Simple, deep, and very hard to program
The Glass Bead Game Java The ultimate mancala!
Games not featured in the Arena
Name Platform Comment
Shogi Java Japanese Chess
Yari Shogi Java A modern Shogi variant
Xiangqi Java Chinese Chess
Congo Java A fun-to-play Xiangqi variant
Chad Java A simple, elegant and deep Chess variant
Caïssa Java The favorite of the Muse of Chess!
Shakti Java The world's smallest Chess variant
Loonybird Java The world's weirdest Chess variant
Croda Java Blends Turkish and 10x10 Draughts
HexEmergo Java A flawed masterpiece
Dominions Java Make every game a work of art!
Othello Java The oldest modern classic
MacBeth Java Ah, at last ... another way to play Othello
Superstar Java Score points with different kinds of connections
Gonnect Java A love child of Go and Hex
Lines of Action Java A non-typical connection game
Pente Java Non trivial 5-in-a-row
Hexade Java Configure this one out
Amazons Java A claustrofobic shoot-out
MiniMancala Java A perfect program using the game's complete tree
Joseph Strout
has implemented Grand Chess (sort of) and Shakti
Name Platform Comment
Luminous Chess Macintosh View the 'influence' of a (Grand) Chess position
A Shakti program Macintosh Play the smallest Chess variant with a non-trivial strategy against a strong 3-level program with several display modes (including '3-D')
Steve Evans
has incorporated Yari Shogi in his Shogi variants program
Name Platform Comment
A Shogi variants program Windows Shogi variants
Play Shogi and 16 Shogi variants, both old and modern, against a digital opponent!
Introductions and rules provided.

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