Chapter V - Tao and its relation to the dark and light force
V - 1
The successive movement of the passive and active operations constitutes the Tao.

V - 2
That which ensues as the result is good; that which shows it in its completeness is the nature of men and things.

V - 3
The benevolent see it and call it benevolence; the wise see it and call it wisdom. The common people, acting daily according to it, yet have no knowledge of it. Thus it is that the Tao as seen by the superior man, is seen by few.

V - 4
It is manifested in the benevolence of its operations, and then again it conceals and stores up its recources. It gives all things their stimulus, without having the same anxieties that possess the sage. Complete is its abundant virtue and the greatness of its stores.

V - 5
Its rich possessions is what is intended by 'the greatness of its stores'; the daily renovation which it produces is what is meant by 'the abundance of its virtue'.

V - 6
Production and reproduction is what is called Change.

V - 7
The formation of the semblances (astral forms) is attributed to Ch'ien; the giving to them their specific forms is attributed to K'un.

V - 8
The exhaustive use of the numbers and thereby knowing the character of coming events, is what we call prediction; the comprehension of the changes indicated, leads us to what we call the business to attend to.

V - 9
That which is unfathomable in Tao, is the Spirit.