Upper Trigram:K'un, Passive Principle, Earth
Lower Trigram:Ken, Inaction, a Mountain
Governing Ruler:Nine in the third place

The Image
The trigram for the earth, and that of a mountain in the midst of it; these form Ch'ien. The superior man, in accordance with this, diminishes what is excessive in himself, and increases where there is any deficiency, bringing about an equality - according to the nature of the case - in his treatment of himself and others.

Miscellaneous Signs
Ch'ien, forsaking itself, accomplishes ease. Yü, forsaking others, accomplishes obtuseness.

The Judgement
Ch'ien indicates progress and success. The superior man, being humble as it implies, will have a good issue to his undertakings.

Appended Judgement
Ch'ien shows us the handle of virtue in its giving honour to others, and the distinction thence arising. Ch'ien appears in the regulation of ceremonies.

Ch'ien indicates progress and success. It is the way of heaven to send down its beneficial influences below, where they are brilliantly displayed. It is the way of the earth, lying low, to send its influences upward, and there to act. It is the way of heaven to diminish the full and to augment the humble. It is the way of the earth to overthrow the full and replenish the humble.
Spiritual Beings inflict calamity on the full and bless the humble. It is the way of men to hate the full and love the humble. Modesty in a position of honour makes that more brilliant still; and in a low position men will not seek to pass beyond it. Thus it is that 'the superior man will have a good issue to his undertakings'.

The Lines and commentaries
Bottom six
Showing the superior man adding modesty to modesty. Even the great stream may be crossed with this, and there will be good fortune.
'The superior man adding modesty to modesty', is one who nourishes his virtue in lowliness.
Six in the second place
Showing modesty making itself recognized. With firm correctness there will be good fortune.
The 'good fortune consequent on being firm and correct, where modesty makes itself recognized', is owing to the possessor's having the virtue in the core of his heart.
Nine in the third place
A superior man of acknowledged merit. He will maintain his success to the end, and have good fortune.
'The superior man of acknowledged merit, and yet humble': the myriads of people will submit to him.
Six in the fourth place
Showing one whose action would be in every way advantageous, activating the more his modesty.
'One whose action would be in every way advantageous, activating the more his modesty': he does not act contrary to the rule.
Six in the fifth place
Showing one who, without being rich, is able to employ his neighbours. He may advantageously use the force of arms. All his movements will be advantageous.
'He may advantageously use the force of arms': correcting those who do not submit.
Top-most six
Showing modesty that has made itself recognized. Its subject will with advantage put his armies in motion; but he will only punish his own towns and state.
'His modesty has made itself recognized'; but all his aims have not yet been attained: he may employ the force of arms, but 'only in correcting his own towns and state'.

1. Ch'ien
Creative Principle

2. K'un
Passive Principle

3. Chun
Initial Difficulties

4. Meng
Youthful Inexperience

5. Hsü

6. Sung

7. Shih
The Army

8. Pi
Seeking Unity

9. Hsiao Ch'u
Minor Restraint

10. Lü
Treading carefully

11. T'ai

12. P'i

13. T'ung Jen

14. Ta Yu
Great Possessions

15. Ch'ien

16. Yü

17. Sui

18. Ku
Arresting Decay

19. Lin

20. Kuan

21. Shih Ho
Biting through

22. Pi

23. Po

24. Fu
The Turning Point

25. Wu Wang

26. Ta Ch'u
Restraining Force

27. I

28. Ta Kuo

29. K'an
The Abyss

30. Li
Clinging Brightness

31. Hsieh

32. Heng

33. Tun

34. Ta Chuang
Strength of Greatness

35. Chin

36. Ming I
Sinking Light

37. Chia Jen
The Family

38. K'uei

39. Chien

40. Hsieh

41. Sun

42. I

43. Kuai

44. Kou
Coming on

45. Ts'ui

46. Sheng
Moving upward

47. K'un

48. Ching
The Well

49. Ko

50. Ting
The Cauldron

51. Chen

52. Ken

53. Chien
Gradual Progress

54. Kuei Mei
Marriageable Maiden

55. Feng

56. Lü
The Wanderer

57. Sun
Gentle Penetration

58. Tui

59. Huan

60. Chien

61. Cung Fu
Inner Truth

62. Hsiao Kuo
Small Excess

63. Chi Chi
Completion and After

64. Wei Chi
Before Completion