Tiling & Packing - international
  • The Poly Pages
    Andrew Clarke's wonderful site with good graphics and information to match. If it starts with 'poly' you can find it here, in english, french, german and italian.
  • Kadon
    A commecial site, run by people with heart for their crafts and products.
  • Tiling & Packing
    Torsten Sillke's site is a good place to start in the world of polycubes, polyspheres and tilings. Many useful links to sites in english, german and dutch. The emphasis is on the math rather than the handling of actual puzzles.
  • Polyominoes Home Page
    Kevin Gong's Polyominoes 7.0 program is available for Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections
    Stewart Coffin's famous book put online by John Rausch.
  • Chinese Interlocking Burr Puzzles
    Traditional Chinese interlocking burr puzzles and burr constructions.
  • SOMA
    If you're interested in Piet Hein's SOMA cube, Thorleif Bundgaard's site is the place to go.
  • Rob's Puzzle Page
    A host of beautiful interlocking puzzles.
  • Erich's Packing Center
    Erich Friedman is packing squares, triangles, circles and a lot of other stuff, some with animations.
  • Convex Pentagons
    The 14 different types of convex pentagons that tile the plane.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles with Pieces of Unknown Orientation
    At the borderline between jigsaw and pattern recognition.


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