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Chess variants - general
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    This extensive site, made by Hans Bodlaender and David Howe, may well be considered the alpha & omega of Chess variants.
  • Play Chess Variants
    In their own words:
    The best thing about Chess variants is being able to play them. This website, a subdomain of The Chess Variant Pages, is here to help you do just that. From this site, you can play games by email, you can play games on-line, and you can download games to play against your computer off-line.
  • Ed Friedlander's Chess Variant Applets
    In another subdomain of The Chess Variant Pages, Ed Friedlander, who programmed these applets, intends them to show some of the many chess variants, rather than to be strong opponents. Longer look-aheads would have caused delays and taken up too much memory. Ed has tried to choose games that are actually popular with players.
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Grand Chess


Shogi - international

Shogi - dutch / nederlands

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Xiangqi - dutch / nederlands







Yari Shogi



Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess)