Slither is a two-player abstract board game invented by Corey Clark in 2010.

The board is initially empty. White tries to connect the left and right side of the board, Black the upper and lower side. The cornerpoints belong to both sides. After White's first move, Black is entitled to swap.

Starting with White, players take turns to perform the following actions:

  • A player may (but is not required to) move one of his stones already on the board to an orthogonally or diagonally adjacent empty intersection.
  • A player must place a new stone of his color on any empty intersection of the board.

The condition
At the end of the turn the player's position may have no 'bare' diagonal connections, that is: every pair of diagonally connected stones must have at least one mutual neighbor of like color.

Play Slither interactively

Advanced Slither
In Advanced Slither a stone may only move if at the outset of the turn it is part of an orthogonally contiguous group of stones consisting of both colors.

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Slither © Corey Clark