The Dagaz project has provided a lifeline to keep the Players Section running with modern technology (HTML5 and JavaScript). Currently, it uses (mostly) Java applets to present a game, a technology that has become all but extinct, losing support from modern browsers and losing the license to use it freely.
We are in the process of converting the applets, but are not there yet. To showcase what's coming, here are a few games that are implemented using Dagaz software - they can be played interactively. Some have an AI as opponent, others do not.
As of July 15, 2019, some are used in the Players Section. More to follow.

 latest updateavailable in
Players Section
CaïssaCaïssa AI 29-06-2019 new
DameoDameo AI 23-06-2019 new
Grand ChessGrand Chess AI 28-06-2019 new
Havannah 28-06-2019 swap rule implemented
HexdameHexdame AI 25-06-2019 new
Symple 18-07-2019 added several board sizes
Xodd 04-07-2019 new - requires mouse wheel!
Yodd 04-07-2019 new - requires mouse wheel!


The software was developed by Valentin Chelnokov for the Dagaz project and reused with permission under the MIT License.
Software adapted by Ed van Zon.
Graphics © by MindSports