Because of the absence of one-on-one opposition, Dameo strategy is more about pace/breakthrough than about tempo/opposition. In Dameo differences in pace derive from two sources: linear movement and captures.
Tactics are easy because they can be illustrated, but strategy is far more elusive. In Draughts one can afford a substantial arrears in pace on grounds of tempoconditions. In Hexdame one cannot. In Dameo flexibility in pace is considerable, but how best to use the possibilities to speed up or slow down is still an open question that only can be approached after many documented games.
As all draughts variants that feature straight forward movement, Dameo encourages a build-up of forces along the sides, though the means to do so are limited by its initial position. The limited material on the sides requires that it be used efficiently.
Playing the game is like exploring a new continent where most of the territoty is uncharted.
Strategy, in consequence, requires an intuitive approach, for the time being.