On March 2, 2022, Kanare Kato posted this thread at the BGG Abstract Games Forum. Here's the slightly edited comment that he gave:
I created this game recently. I saw this Geeklist by Corey Clark, two months ago, and I had an interest in placement games with an annihilation object. Then I came up with this one using Line of Sight mechanics that were discussed in this forum. I would be glad to hear any feedback.

I think cooperative cycles are easy because players could easily leave their groups dead or make them suicide each other. I’m not sure about forced cycles.
In real play it may be a bit troublesome to check the entire board and all dead groups at the beginning of each turn. I think some reminder tokens could solved that to some extent.

Meridians is named after the meridian system.

With it came the rules of a very smart elimination game based on the Line of Sight mechanics he mentioned. These had been the subject of quite a few discussions and indeed had led to a wave of games that had started with Mike Zapawa's territory game Tumbleweed. The combination of its goal and its mechanics is very fundamental and fully justifies its place in the ArenA.

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