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Christian Freeling - MindSports AI (1-0)

Loca is a 'move short, capture long' Checkers variant accidentally invented by Christian Freeling in 2020. It's unique in that a piece is a man-king hybrid.

Play Loca interactively or against an AI

How I invented Loca
The game is played on a square board. There are two players, Black and White. MindSports features boards of 8x8 up to 10x10. All play is on the dark squares only. The initial position shows four filled rows at each side for 10x10 and three rows for the other sizes.

White moves first. Turns then alternate. On his turn, a player must either move a piece or make a capture. Captures are compulsory and maximal capture (counted after the number of pieces) is mandatory.

  • A piece moves one square forwards. If it ends its move or capture on the back row, then it is promoted to king. A king moves one square omni-directional.
  • A man captures by the long leap but only in a forwards direction. A king captures omni-directional by the long leap.

Loca is an elimination game. The winner is the player who blocks or eliminates the opponent completely. Although a one-vs-one kings endgame on a 9x9 board is 100% decisive, and on even sized boards almost, games may yet end in a draw by mutual stranglehold.

Loca © 2020, MindSports