Here is an example of a starmap. If the green beam pattern is removed, no information is lost.

The idea of a starmap was conceived by Martin Medema who also coined the name. The idea was to organize 64 'stars' in such a way that each had a different pattern of 'distant neighbours', much like the China Labyrinth has 'close neighbours'.

For any star: in the direction of a beam, a 'neighbouring star' is encountered. In a 'blank' direction one encounters only 'nothingness'.
Since in any of the six directions precisely 32 pieces will have a blank edge, the 'width' of the starmap will have to be 32 lines minimum in the three main directions. This is consistent with a uncentered hexagon base 16/17, as employed here.

Few starmaps have ever been made. This one was made in the eighties by by Martin Medema.

Tian's Starmaps Generator
In 2023 this starmaps generator came out of the blue, made by Mingyang Tian from China. What used to be a matter of days is now a matter of minutes. Thanks Tian :)