cannons & bullets boardCannons & Bullets is a territory game featuring placement, movement and capture.

A hexhex board of base 4 to 7. A sufficient number of white and black men.

The board is initially empty and the centre cell is excluded from placement till after the first cannon has been fired. Player 1 places one white checker on a cell. Player 2 then decides whether to play with or against White. The second move is also a free placement. From that point onwards, players on their turn must either:

  • occupy a vacant cell by placement, or ...
  • ... fire a cannon.

To occupy a vacant cell, it must have an open sightline to at least one friendly piece. If the number of friendly pieces that can be seen from that position is three or more, then the player may place a stack of two men. The bottom man of a stack is then called the CANNON, the man on top is the BULLET.
If a cannon is fired, the bullet moves rookwise, unobstructed by friendly pieces and it may land on a vacant cell or on the first opponent's piece it encounters. That piece is then captured and removed from play.

  • If it is a sole cannon it is replaced by a cannon of the captor.
  • If it is a cannon & bullet it is replaced by a cannon & bullet of the captor.

After the first cannon has been fired, the centre cell is open for placement.

Making a placement or a move is mandatory unless neither is possible. In that case a player must pass. If neither player can place or move then the game ends and the winner is the player who occupies the majority of cells.

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