Slyp 6x6 setup Slyp is played on an NxN board, where N is even.

Here the setup of a 6x6 board is shown (the individual white and red squares are the pieces), but with practice games could easily scale up to 8x8 or perhaps even 10x10 for experienced players.
(note: MindSports features these three sizes)

Play Slyp interactively or against AI

Unify all of your pieces. That means it should be possible to "walk" from any of your pieces to any other of your pieces without walking across an enemy piece (no diagonal steps).
Choose a friendly piece and a direction. There must not be any friendly pieces behind the piece that is moving, so it is moving away from an enemy piece or the edge of the board. Your chosen friendly piece moves across all friendly pieces ahead of it, then across all enemy pieces, and stops when it reaches either the edge of the board or the first friendly piece after crossing a line of enemy pieces. The enemy piece that you land on is placed on the space your piece started from. (Note: for physical play, this can also be accomplished by giving pieces to one player only, and then the other players "pieces" are empty spaces on the board)
Slyp basic movement
The game ends when one player has fulfilled the unification goal. If a player unifies the pieces for both players on their turn, the moving player wins.

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