Adere is a connection game that can be played on several boards.
MindSports features a triangular and a diamond shaped board made up of hexagonal cells.

adere position

The players, Yellow and Blue, have an ample supply of stackable discs in their color.

You win if, at the start of your turn, a single group of your stacks connects ...
  • all 3 sides of the triangular board.
  • the 2 sides of the diamond board marked with your color.
A corner space is part of 2 sides.

A stack is yours if your disc is on top. A single disc is a stack.

Start of the game
Yellow starts by placing a disc of their color on any space. On their first turn only, Blue has the option to swap this position (click on Yellow's disc) or play the regular way.

Playing the game
On your turn take one of these actions:
  • place a disc of your color on an empty space
  • move a disc of your color from the top of a stack onto a neighboring opponent's stack of exactly the same height

Play Adere interactively

Adere © 2023 Drew Edwards