• The Croda applet is 'clickable'. When moving a piece, click it first. Next click the square you want to move it. In a capture, click all squares the piece will visit in sequence, up to and including the endsquare.
  • The applet supports 'legal', but it does not recognise the requirement of 'maximal capture'. It is left to the players to take care of that.
  • Promotion follows automatically upon reaching the backrank.
  • To clear, click on the 'go to end' button bottom-right [>>>|]. Now you can start over.
  • With the command menu you can undo your last move, end a game by accepting a loss, or negotiate a draw.
    The extended 'undo' function allows you to take back any number of moves, provided the opponent cooperates by taking back his.
    If you find yourself in a lost position, please choose 'Resign' from the command menu to acknowledge and officially end the game.
  • To move, enter your password and click "Submit move".