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The Game of the Amazons was invented in 1988 by Walter Zamkauskas of Argentina. El Juego de las Amazonas (The Game of the Amazons) is a trademark of Ediciones de Mente.

Play Amazons interactively or against an AI
The game is played on a 10x10 board. Some players, like us, prefer a monochromatic board. There are two players, White and Black. Each player has four amazons, shown in the initial position. A supply of markers (checkers, poker chips, etc.) is required in over the board play. Here the applet takes care of that.

White moves first, after which players alternate moves. Each move consists of two parts:

  • Moving a friendly amazon as a queen moves in chess: it may not cross over or land on an occupied square or a 'block'. Blocks result from the second part:
  • Once arrived on the target square, the amazon fires an 'arrow' that, again, flies like a queen in chess and under the very same conditions: it may not cross over or land on an occupied square or a 'block'. However, on the square where it lands, which is the moving player's call, a new block emerges.
  • Both parts are compulsory.

The last player to be able to make a move wins. Draws are impossible.

Note: rotational symmetrical moves by black can be countered by moving onto a main diagonal and shooting along it over the centerpoint.

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