This is a Dagaz implementation of Minimancala, the Noughts & Crosses of the mancala family. It's a board game for two players, and can be played here against the computer, that plays perfect or random. (play between two humans)

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  • The board consists of two rows of two 'pits'. There are two players, north and south. Each player controls the two pits on his side. In the initial position each pit contains two beads.
  • Any player starts. Players move - and must move - in turn. On his turn a player selects one of his own pits, takes out all beads, and distributes them one by one in a counter-clockwise direction over the other three pits. If the pit contains more than three beads, the fourth (seventh) falls in the same pit as the first.
  • If a player on his turn finds both his pits empty, he has lost.

The Minimancala Tree
This is what you're playing against: the Minimancala Tree.
Backtrack coloring appears onmouseover.
Red moves lose, green moves win.
The pulsating draw represents best play for both sides.

MiniMancala Network

Note: MiniMancala has been implemented on the Zillions game machine.

How I invented ... MiniMancala

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