In September 1996 a Chess tournament was held in Yerevan, Armenia. Albert Vasse, CEO of Digital Game Technology went there to demonstrate DGT's clock, then a novelty, and took two Grand Chess sets with him. The result was an ad hoc 'tournament' for whoever had time to play and Albert came back with 34 annotated games, played with 10 minutes for each player and 15 seconds additional time per move.
I recently found those back in an old folder and decided to publish them because they have a kind of juvenile quality with exciting chases.

The final top-3 were:
  1. Vardan Melkonyan (Armenia) 12 - 12
  2. Tan Wei Sin (Malaysia) 5.5 - 7
  3. Mooi Kok Ann (Singapore) 3.5 - 6
Here's the list of all games:

Game 1Tan Wei Sin - Lim Yee Weng1-0
Game 2Lim Yee Weng - Mooi Kok Ann1-0
Game 3Tan Wei Sin - Mooi Kok Anndraw
Game 4Mok Tze Meng - Tan Tzer En1-0
Game 5Lim Yee Weng - Tan Tzer En0-1
Game 6Artak Manukyan - Muang Muang Lwin0-1
Game 7Tan Wei Sin - Mas Hafizul1-0
Game 8Olavur Simonsen - Eydun Nolsoƫ1-0
Game 9Mas Hafizul - Titosse Haite1-0
Game 10Eliza Hanim - Tan Wei Sin0-1
Game 11Vardan Melkonyan - Artak Manukyan1-0
Game 12Vardan Melkonyan - Artak Manukyan1-0
Game 13Artak Manukyan - Stepan Azizian0-1
Game 14Vardan Melkonyan - Movses Movsisyan1-0
Game 15Vardan Melkonyan - Aram Sargisyan1-0
Game 16Ayakyan Yegish - Vardan Melkonyan0-1
Game 17Khairunnissa Wahiduddin - Mok Tze Meng0-1
Game 18Ruben Melkonyan - Vardan Melkonyan0-1
Game 19Tan Wei Sin - Naural Huda Wahiduddin1-0
Game 20Stepan Azizian - Aram Sargisyan1-0
Game 21Aram Sargisyan - Artak Manukyan1-0
Game 22Vardan Melkonyan - Tan Wei Sin1-0
Game 23Ayakyan Yegish - Tan Wei Sin0-1
Game 24Aram Narimanian - Tigran Kotanjian0-1
Game 25Vardan Melkonyan - Stepan Azizian1-0
Game 26Vardan Melkonyan - Mooi Kok Ann1-0
Game 27Ayakyan Yegish - Mooi Kok Ann0-1
Game 28Tigran Kotanjian - Artak Manukyan0-1
Game 29Mok Tze Meng - Mooi Kok Ann0-1
Game 30Mok Tze Meng - Vardan Melkonyan0-1
Game 31Stepan Azizian - Mooi Kok Ann0-1
Game 32Artak Manukyan - Aram Mnasakanian1-0
Game 33Arman Hairapetyan - Vardan Melkonyan0-1
Game 34Aram Mnasakanian - Vardan Melkonyan0-1