• Inertia
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    Jos Dekker (Ger) - Ed van Zon (Nl)(1-0)
    Inertia is a game of unification. It uses the 'one bound - one free' placement protocol to get to an opening position in which movement starts. The game began as a flawed Ayu-clone, but after introducing capture it emerged as a clear relative of LOA. It shows that sometimes it's where you get, that matters, not how you got there.

    Starting on an empty board, the number of stones will grow during the opening phase, resulting in one of a zillion possible starting positions. These are always balanced in terms of material, but their 'density' may vary and either side may be the one to start the movement phase. From that point one generic restrictive rule and one simple move - the queen's move on a square grid and the 'hexrook' on a hexgrid - regulate the game. The move protocol includes conditional capture so the players, who try to unite their groups, must do so on the fly.

    I mention Inertia here because its object is natural and the game excels at simplicity. Its objective makes that the game may be 'set free' once the entering stage has been completed, that is: one might then remove the board edges. Basically the game doesn't change when played on an infinite plane. A true little organism!