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Here's a couple of territorial translations. In Medusa and Lotus capture results in reversing the captured stones, as in Othello, rather than removing them, as in Go. Nevertheless the capture is Go like in that all liberties must be taken. Both employ the 'rosette' as an additional safety mechanism. MacBeth is a hexversion of Othello.

Medusa followed my encounter with 'Hexago' and 'Rosette', both translations of Go to the hexgrid, one to the cells, one to the vertices (triple contacts). I decided to add yet another because the subgrid shown has cells with four, three and two liberties, just as the square grid. I also introduced a limited movement option, to enhance the efficiency of stones marginalized in the course of events.
The counting track serves to assign points obtained by refraining from placing a stone, while keeping the movement option.

Medusa is featured in Wayne Schmittberger's 'New Rules for Classic Games'.