Hexdame is the literal translation of International Draughts to the hexgrid. As can be seen in Grids, the hexgrid is a 'partial double grid' in a 'singlegrid' disguise: it is topologically equivalent to a square grid with one set of parallel diagonals. One immediate result is the disappearance of one-on-one opposition: men 'slide off' one another. This makes breakthrough more dominant than opposition. Add the backrow of nine cells and the possibility of straight advance along the sides, and it will be clear that strategy and game dynamics differ considerably from those of Draughts.

Initial positionThe diagram shows the board and the pieces in the initial position. There are three forwards and three backwards directions, and the back rank has 9 cells. The rules are the same as the rules of International Draughts.

Hexdame is an unlikely successor to International Draughts because Draughts players are very square thinkers and Dameo is a better candidate.

How I invented … Hexdame
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