Croda was invented by Croatian mathematics professor and Draughts master, the late Ljuban Dedić, in order to create a draughts game with a smaller margin of draws. He did so by basically replacing the sideways move of a man in Turkish Draughts, by a diagonally forward move. It's easy to argue the game's superiority to Draughts: anyone but a draughts player can see that.
I remember two successive Draughts worldchampionship matches between Dutch grandmasters Harm Wiersma and the late Jannes van der Wal, in which only one decision was reached in forty games. In both cases, Ton Sijbrands, who covered the games for one of the daily papers, ran out of adjectives to describe the draws - thrilling draws, exciting draws, blood-curdling draws, abysmal dangers allowing only the narrowest of escapes, etc. It became really funny when a journalist put all headers together on the backpage.
It showed what everyone except draughts players can see: in match play top level Draughts is as dead as the dodo.
Croda in turn sparked off Dameo.

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Ljuban Dedic-Josko Mandic (2-0)

The rules mention men and kings. A king is a promoted man. If the difference doesn't matter, they may also mention pieces, for instance 'the number of pieces on the board'.

The applet shows the board and the pieces in initial position. There are two players, black and white. White begins. Players move, and must move, in turn.

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