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Breakthrough initial positionBreakthrough is a two-player board game invented in 2000 by Dan Troyka. It has great simplicity and great strategical depth as its hallmarks.

The game should not be confused with Christian Freeling's earlier game of the same name.

The diagram shows the board with the pieces in the initial position.

The game is played on a 8x8 board (or indeed any rectangular board of sufficient size). There are two players, White and Black. Each player has 16 pieces in his color.

The object of Breakthrough is to reach the opposite row with one of the player's pieces.
No draws are possible in Breakthrough.

  • White moves first, after which players alternate moves.
  • A piece can be moved one square straight or diagonally forward if the destination square is empty.
  • A piece can move into a square that is occupied by an opponent's piece if and only if that square is one step diagonally forward. The opponent's checker is removed and the player's checker replaces it.

Here's an xample of possible moves and captures:
Breakthrough moves

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Breakthrough © Dan Troyka