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Gonnect is a connection game invented by João Pedro Neto in 2000, that is sometimes rather accurately described as 'a love child of Go and Hex'. It basically links the rules of Go to a different object: to estabish aan 'orthogonal' connection between opposite sides of the board, left-right or bottom-up as the case may be.

You can download this MindSports applet, which is tailored to save games played in the Pit, offline.

The rules of Go apply, except:

  • Players may not pass.
  • The pie rule: White may choose as his first move to exchange places with Black.
    The MindSports applet is not suited to handle the pie rule - so unless players are willing to make a slight detour, black moves first.
    The detour is this: If two players decide to use a pie, black moves first too. If white decides to accept it as his first move, he declines the challenge (the usual way: by choosing 'resign' in the command menu) and starts a new game with the same move.
  • Note: suicide moves are illegal (as in Go).
  • A player wins if he is first to create a chain of (orthogonally) connected stones between any two opposite board sides (left-right or bottom-up) or if his opponent has no valid move.

Notice that the "no pass" rule, together with the "no suicide" rule, implies that there are no safe uncapturable 'two-eyes' structures: sooner or later a player needs to fill them in order to keep moving.

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Gonnect © João Pedro Neto
Java applet © Ed van Zon