Chapter IX - About the Oracle
IX - 1
To heaven belongs the number 1, to earth 2, to heaven 3, to earth 4, to heaven 5, to earth 6, to heaven 7, to earth 8, to heaven 9, to earth 10.

IX - 2
The numbers belonging to heaven are five, and those belonging to earth are also five. The numbers of these two series correspond to each other in their fixed positions, so that each has its mate. The heavenly numbers amount to 25, and the earthly to 30. The numbers of heaven and earth together amount to 55. It is by these that the changes and transformations are effected, and the spirit-like agencies kept in movement.
Note of the compiler: See in connexion with the paragraphs 1 and 2: Section 1, Chapter XI-8 and the 'Map & Writing'.

He T'u - Map of the Yellow River
Like the Primal Arrangement or the 'Arrangement of Early Heaven', the 'Map of the Yellow River' is attributed to the mythical sage Fu Hsi.

The water in the north derives from the 1 of heaven and the 6 of earth, the fire in the south from the 2 of earth and the 7 of heaven. The wood in the east derives from the 3 of heaven and the 8 of earth, the metal in the west from the 4 of earth and the 9 of heaven. The earth (surface, ground) in the center derives from the 5 of heaven and the 10 of earth (planet, heavenly body).

Lo Hsu - River Lo Writing
Here the numbers are rearranged into a 'magic square' and combined with the eight trigrams in the Inner World Arrangement or the 'Arrangement of Later Heaven', that is attributed to king Wen of Chou.

IX - 3
Note of the compiler: The paragraphs 3, 4, 5 and 6, and also paragraph 3 of the next chapter, are about the 'yarrowstalk-method' of divination, a rather time-consuming process, unless it were implemented in the program. We've decided not to do so, because of the additional text needed to explain the method in detail, and its adding nothing significant to the coin-method.

The numbers of the Great Expansion make 50, of which only 49 are used in divination. The sticks are divided into two heaps to represent heaven and earth. One is then taken from the heap on the right and placed between the little finger of the left hand and the next, that there may thus be symbolized the three powers, heaven, earth and man. The heaps on both sides are manipulated by fours to represent the four seasons; and then the remainders are returned, and placed between the two middlefingers of the left hand, to represent the intercalary month. In five years there are two intercalations, and therefore there are two operations; and afterwards the whole process is repeated.

IX - 4
The numbers required for Ch'ien amount to 216, those for K'un to 144. Together they are 360, corresponding to the days of the year.

IX - 5
The number produced by the sticks in both parts amounts to 11520, corresponding to the number of the ten-thousand things.

IX - 6
Therefore by means of the four operations is the I completed. It takes 18 changes to form a hexagram.

IX - 7
The formation of the eight trigrams constitutes the small completion of the I.

IX - 8
If we led on the hexagrams and expanded them, if we prolonged each by the addition of yet another, then all events possible under the sky might have their representation.
Note of the compiler: Each divination produces two hexagrams, representing a transition governed by the mediator. Thus there are 64x64 or 4096 possible transitions, representing all under the sky.

IX - 9
The hexagrams and their appended explanations make manifest the ways of good and ill fortune and show virtuous actions in their spiritual relations. In this way, by consulting them, we may receive an answer to our doubts, and we may even by means of them assist the spiritual powers in their agency in nature and providence.

IX - 10
The master said: 'He who knows the method of change and transformation may be said to know the works of the gods'.