The Well
Upper Trigram:K'an, the Abyss, Water, Danger
Lower Trigram:Sun, Gentle Penetration, Mildness, Wind, Wood
Governing Ruler:Nine in the fifth place

The Image
The trigram representing wood, and above it that for water: the image of Ching. The superior man, in accordance with this, comforts the people, and stimulates them to mutual helpfulness.

Miscellaneous Signs
Progress in Ching in K'un encounters blight.

The Judgement
The Well.
The site of a town may be changed, but not of its well. Its water neither disappears, nor does it receive any great increase, and those who come and those who go can draw and enjoy the benefit.
If the drawing has nearly been accomplished, but, before the rope has quite reached the water of the well, the bucket is broken, this is evil.

Appended Judgement
In Ching we see the field of virtue, and its abiding in one place, yet influencing others. Ching also appears in the discrimination of what is righteous.

In Ching we have the symbol of wood in the water, and the raising of the water; which gives us the idea of a well. A well supplies nourishment, and is not itself exhausted.
'The site of a town may be changed, but not of its well': this is indicated by the stong lines in the central positions.
'The drawing is nearly accomplished, but the rope has not quite reached the water': its service has not yet been accomplished.
'The bucket is broken': this occasions evil.

The Lines and commentaries
Bottom six
A well so muddy that men will not drink of it; or an old well to which neither birds nor other creatures resort.
'A well so muddy that men will not drink of it': this is indicated by its low position.
'An old well to which birds do not come': it has been forsaken in the course of time.

Nine in the second place
A well from which by a hole the water escapes, and flows away to the shrimps and such small creatures; or one the water of which leaks away from a broken basket.
'A well from which by a hole the water escapes, and flows away to the shrimps': its subject is strong in a weak place and has none co-operating with him above.
Nine in the third place
A well which has been cleared out, but is not used. Our hearts are sorry for this, for the water might be drawn out and used. If the king were only aware of this, all might receive the benefit of it.
'The well has been cleared out, but is not used': passers-by would be sorry for this. A prayer is made 'that the king were aware': for then blessing would be received.
Six in the fourth place
A well, the lining of which is well laid. There will be no error.
'A well, the lining of which is well laid. There will be no error': the well has been put in good repair.
Nine in the fifth place
A clear, limpid well, the waters from whose cold spring are freely drunk.
'The waters from the cold spring are freely drunk': this is indicated by its central and correct position.
Top-most six
A well, the water of which is brought up, and the top of which, therefore, is not allowed to be covered. This suggests the idea of sincerity. There will be great good fortune.
The 'great good fortune' at the top-most place indicates the grand accomplishment of the idea represented by the hexagram.

1. Ch'ien
Creative Principle

2. K'un
Passive Principle

3. Chun
Initial Difficulties

4. Meng
Youthful Inexperience

5. Hsü

6. Sung

7. Shih
The Army

8. Pi
Seeking Unity

9. Hsiao Ch'u
Minor Restraint

10. Lü
Treading carefully

11. T'ai

12. P'i

13. T'ung Jen

14. Ta Yu
Great Possessions

15. Ch'ien

16. Yü

17. Sui

18. Ku
Arresting Decay

19. Lin

20. Kuan

21. Shih Ho
Biting through

22. Pi

23. Po

24. Fu
The Turning Point

25. Wu Wang

26. Ta Ch'u
Restraining Force

27. I

28. Ta Kuo

29. K'an
The Abyss

30. Li
Clinging Brightness

31. Hsieh

32. Heng

33. Tun

34. Ta Chuang
Strength of Greatness

35. Chin

36. Ming I
Sinking Light

37. Chia Jen
The Family

38. K'uei

39. Chien

40. Hsieh

41. Sun

42. I

43. Kuai

44. Kou
Coming on

45. Ts'ui

46. Sheng
Moving upward

47. K'un

48. Ching
The Well

49. Ko

50. Ting
The Cauldron

51. Chen

52. Ken

53. Chien
Gradual Progress

54. Kuei Mei
Marriageable Maiden

55. Feng

56. Lü
The Wanderer

57. Sun
Gentle Penetration

58. Tui

59. Huan

60. Chien

61. Cung Fu
Inner Truth

62. Hsiao Kuo
Small Excess

63. Chi Chi
Completion and After

64. Wei Chi
Before Completion