game position
Inertia is a game of unification. It uses the 'one bound - one free' placement protocol to get to a position in which movement starts. The game began as a flawed Ayu-clone, but after introducing capture, it emerged as a clear relative of LOA.

Starting on an empty board, the number of stones will grow during the opening phase, ending in a starting position that is balanced in terms of material. From that point one generic restrictive rule and one particular move to match, regulate the game. The move includes conditional capture so the players, who try to unite their groups, must do so on the fly.

The game comes in an 8x8 and a 10x10 connectivity-8 square version and base-5, base-7 and base-7 hexversions. The 8x8 square version can also be played conveniently using a chess board and draughtsmen.