Monkey Trap
Monkey TrapMonkey Trap was 'designed' on Dec. 5th, 2010, when a poster at a Google groups forum, asserted that it was "easy to design a pile of shit", thereby referring to Mark Steere's Oust, a perfectly solid game. Not that he had a clue to begin with - he just disliked the inventor.
So I designed "Turd" on the spot, with pieces named after him dropping 'turds'.
In Monkey Trap I replaced the turds by something more acceptable, because though designed as ridicule, it's a nice little game all the same.
It has an obvious affinity with Walter Zamkauskas' Amazons, but it has half the number of pieces and less 'dropping' options, because in Amazons the number of combinations of a move and a 'shot' largely exceeds the number of combinations of a move and 'drop' in Monkey Trap. It's designed to be a fast fun game for the younger ones.

Symmetrical black moves can be broken by white by for instance starting with 1.a1g7 2.g7g3 or a similar sequence.

enschede, december 2010

christian freeling