Royal Guard
Royal Guard Board
It was still March and I had a row at BGG because I was characterised as a 'self-glorifying bastard exalting his own games and disparaging others' by Nick Bentley, who is the writer of Abstract Strategy Games: The Definitive Guide.
In that period most of my posts were ignored because I had called Nick a mediocre inventor, which raised a few pitchforks among his followers. How dare I pee in the shoes of the Flatterking!

Anyway, a fellow inventor, Chris Huntoon had an idea for a game on the above board, featuring Chess-like pieces. But how to utilise the pattern in a way that would make it essential? That's when we met in the largely ignored thread of King's Colour where the use of the pattern was already there for the taking. Putting one and one together was obvious and simple, so we did.
I like co-inventions.

Enschede, March 2021

christian freeling